– ERCA, Patagonia & YKK Team Up To Deploy Circularity With The Chem-Tech Innovation REVECOL

May 25, 2023

ERCA, Patagonia® and YKK announce the successful implementation of ERCA’s REVECOL, a sustainable, innovative chemical agent, in YKK’s dyeing processes at their Vietnam production sites transforms common waste material, such as exhausted vegetable cooking oil, into an upcycled, certified high performance, safe textile chemical.

ERCA has invested in circular practices to take waste material and use them as feedstocks to create new responsible chemical products. Always searching for new sustainable innovations, REVECOL caught the attention of Patagonia. Driven by the goal to utilize non-extractive chemistry in their supply chain wherever possible, the brand teamed up with ERCA and trim supplier YKK to deploy REVECOL…

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