About Us

ERCA TCS is a company with a complete focus on chemistry for textile, is part of ERCA SPA, an innovation-driven chemical group with manufacturing plants in Europe, Latin America and Asia with a responsible innovation DNA. ERCA SPA focus on the development and manufacturing of chemical specialties and chemical intermediates.

About us


ERCA TCS to become world leader player in Innovative Circular Chemistry for textile, inspiring, supporting and including its all supply chain.


ERCA TCS to continue its strong commitment toward high principles for ethics, respect for people and environment, responsible circular innovation DNA and supply chain partnerships development.

This with the goal of achieving new generation of circular responsible chemistry solutions able to create an innovative valuable circular chemistry in order to offer the possibility to produce a complete sustainable, innovative and performing contemporary textile wardrobe.

Who we are

ERCA TCS is a world leader about manufacturing and supplying responsible chemical products for the textile industry.

Thanks to our vision that leads to continuous investments in people, research and development ERCA TCS brings forward circular, ethical and responsible innovation in the so-called Green Chemistry.

Indeed, our products are applicable to a wide range of textiles proving to be the missing element to achieve sustainability at 360°.

ERCA TCS provides eco-friendly ground-breaking solutions that respect the environment, grant a safe production process and look after consumer health and comfort.