Iracron EVO-S

Giu 14, 2012

IRACRON EVO-S: the last evolution in poly-functional reactive dyes


  • New reactive dyes for medium, deep and super deep shades.
  • Suitable for exhaustion at 60°C and pad batch appplications.
  • Very high exhaustion and fixation rate: at least 90% on cotton.
  • High color yield: lower color amount to weigh.
  • On tone built-up, even on cotton modal blends.
  • Low sensitivity under various dyeing parameters.


  • Excellent reproducibility for Right First Time Dyeing.
  • Excellent wet and light fastness (even in medium shades with selected dyes).
  • Excellent washability and dischargeability.

Environment and profit:

  • Cost effective recipes.
  • Water and Energy saving.

IRACRON EVO-S wherever evolution is expected