polyestertime.com – Red Sea Crisis – In a significant development, ERCA Textile Chemical Solutions (TCS) has officially emerged as an independent entity within the ERCA Group, exclusively dedicated to the textile industry

Gen 20, 2024

Fabio Locatelli, CEO of ERCA TCS and an Associate of the ERCA Group, announced the decision, highlighting the company’s commitment to focusing solely on textile solutions while maintaining a robust foundation from ERCA S.p.A. The strategic move to establish ERCA TCS as a distinct company is driven by the aspiration to prioritize the textile industry, fostering agility in research and production with a steadfast commitment to ethical, social, environmental, and economic responsibility. With an agile organizational structure and an amplified research and development department, ERCA TCS aims to swiftly address customer needs, fostering an engaging dialogue that results in pioneering developments and innovative chemical solutions…

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