kohantextilejournal.com – Upcycling Minds Think Alike: ERCA, Patagonia®, and YKK team up to deploy circularity with the chem-tech innovation REVECOL®

Mag 26, 2023

ERCA SPA, Patagonia® and YKK announce the successful implementation of ERCA’s REVECOL®, a sustainable, innovative chemical agent, in YKK’s dyeing processes at their Vietnam production sites.

Always searching for new sustainable innovations, REVECOL® caught the attention of Patagonia®. Driven by the goal to utilize non-extractive chemistry in their supply chain wherever possible, the brand teamed up with ERCA and trim supplier YKK to deploy REVECOL®. Matt Swartz, Patagonia®’s Color and Material Quality Manager, introduced the ERCA technology to YKK, asking that they explore using it in their dyeing operations…

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