Circular Chemistry
for Textile innovation

ERCA is world leader in manufacturing and supplying chemical products for the textile industry. Thanks to its vision that leads to continuous investment in people, research and development, the Italian company brings forward a quite unique circular, ethical and responsible innovation in the so-called Green Chemistry. Indeed, its products are applicable to a wide range of textiles proving to be the missing element to achieve sustainability at 360°. ERCA provides eco-friendly ground-breaking solutions that respect the environment, grant a safe production process and look after consumer health and comfort.


REVECOL® by ERCA: a breakthrough innovation that upcycles a critical waste material, such as vegetable exhausted cooking oil, into a complete, safe, certified and high performing new generation line of chemical auxiliaries for the whole textile industry.

REVECOL® by ERCA: the missing piece to boost sustainability and circularity throughout the fashion-making process.